Sunday, October 28, 2007

Effective Negotiating & Communication Skills Seminar

How to Get What You Want in Less Time

“Effective Negotiating and Communication Skills-How to Get What You Want in Less Time” provides the tools and techniques to help your participants to get more results in less time.

This is a powerful seminar for your group. Negotiation is when two people meet face to face or via phone and email, to discuss and reach an agreement. Everyone negotiates several times each week seeking for example, a better price on a purchase or getting the cooperation and assistance from a co-worker or family member. The better your people are at negotiation and communication, the more productive they will be for you.

What your group will learn:

-How to Effectively Prepare to Negotiate With Ease and Results
-How to Reach a Win-Win Agreement Every Time
-How to Easily Improve Verbal Communications
-How to Easily Improve Written Communications
-How to Deal with Difficult People and Help Them to Be Your Strong Supporter
Don has made over 2,000 presentations worldwide, and will personally prepare and present this dynamic, motivating, and content rich “Effective Negotiating and Communication Skills-How to Get What You Want in Less Time” seminar for you. You will learn new and powerful techniques and tools to get what you want now by effectively communicating and negotiating.
Don received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting (BSA) from Bentley College, his Master’s Degree in Business Administration (MBA) from Babson College, and his Juris Doctor Degree (JD) from Suffolk University Law School.
Don has personally developed and implemented dozens of effective negotiating techniques over the years in his many business ventures. You will learn from his experiences, step by step.

“My negotiating and communication skills are much more effective today because of Don’s help.”

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