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Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study Seminar


Now you can double your reading speed with this exciting home study seminar and you will increase your reading comprehension and reading pleasure! You will read more in less time!

Perfect for professionals, students and busy working people!

We get more printed information thrown at us in one day than our great-grandparents saw in a lifetime. (Beyond a seed catalog and a book or two, what did they have to look at and absorb?)

Today, information is coming at us from all directions. Books, memos, periodicals, email, newspapers, reports, faxes, magazines, the Internet and more leave many buried, able to wade through just a fraction of what they need to read. Do you happen to know anyone who has a stack of stuff that they haven’t had time to go through? Maybe that’s you!

Knowledge is power. This is the Information Age. Half of what we know today, we didn’t know just fifteen years ago. The amount of information has doubled in just the last fifteen years and some experts predict it will be doubling again every two years.

Everyone has books on the shelf they’ve never read because they didn’t have the time. Some even find reading a slow, laborious task because they read slowly, their mind wanders, and they often have to go back and re-read what they just read. As a result, work suffers and grades suffer.

You cannot control the flow of information to you and if you don’t increase the rate at which you read, you are seeing less and less of what’s out there.

The average person spends about two hours per day reading. If you can double your reading speed, you can cut your reading time in half. What takes two hours can now be done in one hour.

An extra hour a day for you. Seven hours per week and 365 hours for you over the next year. That’s the equivalent of nine additional workweeks over the next year to spend time with your family, on hobbies or work on those important tasks that are being neglected.

It can be done. Easily and with a lot of fun!

Dr. Don Wetmore, the country’s leading expert on Personal Productivity, offers the most comprehensive Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study seminar anywhere. You take the lessons at your pace, on your schedule and you will double your reading speed and significantly increase your comprehension level and reading pleasure. The entire seminar can be completed in as little as four hours!

And then, imagine reading a book in one sitting! Or reading those books you bought, never read and placed on the shelf. (95% of all books purchased are never read.)
How about going home each night with all of your paperwork done, with a clean desk for the next day! What better way to insure your career advancement and success?

Or for students, imagine getting better grades in less time, with less effort!

“Probably the best seminar I have ever invested!” “Don shows you the “how to” in simple, easy to follow steps.” “I’ve never enjoyed reading so much and been able to read so much.”

What you will learn
How to easily read beyond the way you were taught in the first place
How to eliminate the blocks that cause you to read slowly
How to avoid losing concentration when your mind wanders and you have to go back and re-read the same material
Tools to maintain your new skills and to continue to improve your speed and comprehension
Multiple reading techniques for different materials
Improved memory tools
And a whole lot more!

“I can’t believe how much fun this was!” “I’ll sign up the sales staff for another one!” “I learned a lot more than I planned on. This was great!”

The “Myths” About Dynamic Speed Reading
Speed Reading a just a “skimming technique.” Not true. You will read significantly faster and read every word. You will learn how to eliminate the blocks that slow you down.

Speed Reading requires a lot of formal education. Not true. Anyone with a basic, primary reading ability can learn and apply Dynamic Speed Reading tools to double their speed and comprehension. In fact, this program is ideal for any reader 10 years or older!

Speed Reading will reduce my comprehension. Not true. In fact, it’s the opposite. Increasing your reading speed will significantly increase your comprehension and concentration. You will not only be able to read a lot faster but you will be more effective.

Speed Reading requires a lot of study and practice. Not true. You will learn simple, easy techniques and double your reading speed by the end of this unique seminar. You will get the results during the seminar as you apply the new, easy techniques that you will learn.

Speed Reading will not permanently change my reading speed. Not true. Not only will you double your reading speed and significantly increase your comprehension and reading pleasure by the end of your Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study Seminar, you will have the easy tools to permanently maintain your new skills.

Some Client Companies
Don has shared his Dynamic Speed Reading Seminar with client companies from all over, including:

Credit Suisse First Boston
General Electric
Genworth Financial
Howard Hughes Medical Institute
Life Tigers
Mercy College
Noble Foundation
Purdue Pharma
Sacred Heart University
Swedish Mission to the UN
Tracey Locke Partnership
Tyco Electronics
United Nations
Wyckoff Medical Center

Now you too can receive the benefits of this terrific home study seminar, at your pace and your convenience.

About Don:
Don has conducted over 2,000 public speaking presentations during the last twenty years, to audiences from around the Globe. He holds a coveted Professional Membership with the National Speakers Association.

He received his Bachelor’s Degree in Accounting from Bentley College, his Master’s Degree in Business Administration from Babson College and his Juris Doctor Degree from Suffolk University Law School. He has been a Speed Reader throughout his adult life. He walks the talk. He practices what he teaches. You will learn from a doer.

Don is a member of the faculty at Mercy College in Dobbs Ferry, New York, where he has served as Assistant Professor of Business Law and Department Chair for the undergraduate and graduate divisions. Currently, he is Adjunct Professor for the Master of Business Administration program and the author of “Beat the Clock”, “Organizing Your Life,” “The Productivity Handbook” and over 100 published articles. He is frequently interviewed by major media including ABC Radio, The New York Times, USAToday, and the Dallas Morning News. He has appeared extensively on radio and television and as the host of the cable TV program, “It’s the Law.”

Dr. Wetmore created the Productivity Institute to conduct his original and unique Dynamic Speed Reading and Personal Productivity seminars for organizations from around the world. In his seminars and consulting, he teaches participants how to significantly increase their reading speed and comprehension, improve their personal productivity both on and off the job and accomplish more in less time, with less stress, for greater personal balance.

Who should get the Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study?
Anyone who wants to double their reading speed and reading comprehension now.
Professionals, staff people, salespeople, office workers, homemakers, managers, teachers, engineers, medical personnel and especially students.

What’s included?
Your own Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study Seminar on CD’s, personally recorded by Dr. Don Wetmore. Our 100-page Dynamic Speed Reading workbook and binder for seminar use and as a follow-up tool.

What is the investment?
Regularly priced at $297, the Dynamic Speed Reading Home Study Seminar is available to the first fifty purchasers for only $197! (plus $8.95 shipping and handling) 100% money back guarantee if not 100% satisfied!

“I wish I had done this a long time ago.”

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