Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Tell Us About Your Best Time Management Practices!

Tell us about your best Time Management practices.

We at the Productivity Institute would love to hear about your best Time Management practices that help you get more done in less time.

Add your comments below.

Thanks for your participation!

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Pat Nichols said...

I use a highlighter to identify specific articles in trade publications I am interested in reading. I then tear the articles out of the magazine and put them in my car; then when I am waiting for a train, sitting in the bank or post office line or at the Dr or dentist office etc. I use that time to read them.

Vcuisine said...

Dear Don, I get your time management tips regularly to my email account which i love to read and apply to it. My best time management Practices are:

1. If the work is complicated, split and work on portions.

2. Using my most productive time to the extent possible.

3. Never procastinte.

4. Plan ahead.

5. Stick to my plan to my level best.

6. Cut down my TV Watching

With these practices, i am able to manage it efficiently and productively. Thanks to all your articles which always motivates me. Viji

The White Pigeon said...
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Sally said...

Time Management:
We have a very busy schedule. We have an everything calendar hanging on the wall in the dining room. Everything we do gets written on it... Working late, softball games, birthdays, Dr. Appts, Meetings, etc.

Meal Planning:
I used to stress over this. Now, I make a list each Sunday of what I'm making for dinner each night that week. I write it on the bottom of the calendar. When I shop, I know exactly what to buy, and I know what to take out of the freezer each morning.

Sally Green

Steve said...

Hi Don, just thought I would weigh-in and share a couple of thoughts that have helped me over the years to be more productive and effective, in my work with my clients.
I learned the following from some workshop I attended almost 20+ years ago and don't recall the individual's name who was doing the presentation. Anyway, he concluded his presentation with this single tip, which he tagged as 'the shortest time management course, in the world'. It was as follows: "Only do what only you can do, delegate the rest." WOW, that made a huge impression on me and I have worked hard over the years to implement the practice whenever it was appropriate. Of course, for me, the caveat is to first learn how to effectively delegate. This I learned from Stephen Covey.
Which brings me to my second thought about time management, that has been a great help to me over the years and was also provided by Stephen Covey. Covey has set forth the four quadrants of productivity and effective self-management. They are available in his best selling book "The Seven Habits of Highly Effective People'.
The four quadrants are:
Q1. Urgent and Important
Q2. Not Urgent but Important
Q3. Urgent but not Important
Q4. Not Urgent and Not Important
In a nutshell, Covey advises to focus on Q2., the Important issues, rather than the urgent ones.
I am confident that you are quite familiar with Covey's writings, so this is not new to you, but I thought your readers might gwet some value from these two tips.
Steve L. Wintner, AIA Emeritus
The Woodlands, TX

Franklincovey said...

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